January 2008

Hello World….

Welcome to my new style website…. From here you will be able to learn all about me and what I’m up to…..

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Managed to refresh my understanding of IPv6. Seems to work quite well and isn’t flaky from what I have seen. Documentation of the Cisco doc CD seems well written so it should be ok.

* dynamic routing works with link local addresses only .: any layer 2 to layer 3 mappings should be done for both global and link local addresses
* NBMA always needs static mappings as there is no IPv6 equivalent to inverse-arp; unless using point to point connection where only the layer 2 and layer 3 address needs to be assigned to the interface.

PC seems to get a bit hot… reaches 75C when all the routers are running at full steam. I added a extra fan to extract air at the back which helped bring it down a bit. I might just try running the PC with the side of the case removed… that could help it stay cool…

Feel much better as I have a good understanding of the core technologies but there is still plenty to learn…. will take an estimated 5 months before I’m ready…… May 07 it is then.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Need Time to play with NTP

NTP….. pah…… didn’t work with 12.4.13+ so I had to move to 12.4.16 and it worked….
wasted a good hour on that bug… humm nice when it did work….

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Friday, December 21, 2007
Chrismas and Cisco

I have found that my studies have been slacking due the Christmas festivities…. I’ve only managed to spend 2 hours per day this week. Been busy cooking, shopping, looking after the house… I’ve left so many tasks piling up over the last few years that I’m now forced to do them at the expensive of my training…. but I’ll be back to stealth mode from Sunday.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Dynamips ok so far

dynamips is holding up…. but reaches 70% CPU with BGP. I hope it is ok with multicast and NAT configured!……… Fingers Crossed!

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Monday, December 10, 2007
No more drinking

Back to square one now….
I went out on Saturday nite with Alex and got well smashed…. Drank beyond my limit and just about got home safely. Had a great nite but it was a bit too excessive…. Spent all sunday recovering and I’ve forgotten what I learnt last week!

Not gonna drink again until I pass the CCIE!… another motivation to add to my list!

Did a bit of OSPF. Needed to restart the routers in dynamips as the processes did not come up…. got the routers nickers in a twist.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007
A little switching with spag bol

Did a bit of switching today…. just a simple fault like a distant interface being shut down is enough to give you a headache!…. Another problem is that dynamips takes a while to “acknowledge” changes in the vlan database so you have to wait a while (minutes) or restart the router and switch… got some basic stuff working….. seems with hindsight it is best to ensure you have a detailed diagram with trunks labeled. To be honest, I’ve still got some switching left to do…. had to leave it mid configuration as I had to go and cook spag bol for dinner… that turned out horrid as well and went straight into the bin… had to do with a local Chinese dinner…. will try doing spag bol tomorrow along with the remaining switching….

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
The CCIE Dream

Yo Yo Yo…..

I’ve decided to blog my mission to pass the CCIE. Tomorrow I start studying again!. It is all systems go now…. Will start my first full lab tomorrow…

I’ll be using my dynamips box but I still need to get a new fan as the Quad processor is a bit hot and the system is too noisy for study purposes….

Hold on to your seats …. its all go from now on….


Still in stealth mode and going for the CCIE…. 10% there…. still got alot of studying to do…..

Got some serious life changing rules now….

1) NO drinking until I give the lab a shot

2) NO TV (apart from main news and a little comedy)…

Apart from that I can still do whatever I like.

By browsing some of these pages you may get to know what makes the man behind the name………

Hoping not to be stereotypical, but my values and aspirations are actually to

work hard, play hard and love life, in addition to giving back to the world community more than what I have received …………. continually promote peace and harmony”.

Feel free to get in touch, but I have removed my email address for security.