February 2008

Don’t you hate those scenarios where you need to block an odd port using an ACL. I’ve found that if you do >telnet ? the cisco router will list all the port numbers; ready for you to pick for your ACL. Nice


SW4#telnet ?
/debug             Enable telnet debugging mode
/encrypt           Negotiate telnet encryption
/ipv4              Force use of IP version 4
/ipv6              Force use of IP version 6
/line              Enable telnet line mode
/noecho            Disable local echo
/quiet             Suppress login/logout messages
/route:            Enable telnet source route mode
/source-interface  Specify source interface
/stream            Enable stream processing
/terminal-type     Set terminal type
<0-65535>          Port number
bgp                Border Gateway Protocol (179)
chargen            Character generator (19)
cmd                Remote commands (rcmd, 514)
daytime            Daytime (13)
discard            Discard (9)
domain             Domain Name Service (53)
drip               Dynamic Routing Information Protocol (3949)
echo               Echo (7)
exec               Exec (rsh, 512)
finger             Finger (79)
ftp                File Transfer Protocol (21)
ftp-data           FTP data connections (20)
gopher             Gopher (70)
hostname           NIC hostname server (101)
ident              Ident Protocol (113)
irc                Internet Relay Chat (194)
klogin             Kerberos login (543)
kshell             Kerberos shell (544)
login              Login (rlogin, 513)
lpd                Printer service (515)
nntp               Network News Transport Protocol (119)
pim-auto-rp        PIM Auto-RP (496)
pop2               Post Office Protocol v2 (109)
pop3               Post Office Protocol v3 (110)
smtp               Simple Mail Transport Protocol (25)
sunrpc             Sun Remote Procedure Call (111)
syslog             Syslog (514)
tacacs             TAC Access Control System (49)
talk               Talk (517)
telnet             Telnet (23)
time               Time (37)
uucp               Unix-to-Unix Copy Program (540)
whois              Nicname (43)
www                World Wide Web (HTTP, 80)

I hope it helps.


This studying is killing me…. I’m getting better by the day but I’m not able to complete test labs with the time frame nor am I able to get the required marks…. bugger… This calls for a strategy change …. my plan is to do all the labs and just learn from them…. not wasting too much time pondering on the solution as more often than not ……… the answer is some strange and obscure command. I should be able to get better marks when I repeat them in n rack rental.

The quest continues….

Still trying hard to do the Cisco training labs but they are taking 4 days instead of 8 hours…. there are alot of odd things that keep coming up so I have to spend time researching… I’m not too bothered as I should be able to do them within 8 hours when I repeat them on rack rental……. which i should be able to do as I’ll be familar with the technology nick nacs…. I might have to go to China or USA for a bootcamp to give me a better chance.