How it went on the day…

I walked out smiling thinking I destroyed the exam and would have my number today. I had a chat with the others taking the exam and it just reassured me that I passed. On the way home I realised I had lost 14 points (if you lose 20 points then it is game over).

I thought I passed the theory but my answers may not have matched what Cisco was looking for (score is either 0% or 100%). I made a few silly mistakes in the exam. I got my result at 4am in the morning as it was FAIL. Bugger! I knew it was close but I really thought I made it. My real surprise was the theory, open ended questions. I am still certain I got all 4 questions right, even after all my research since the exam. Well, I’m not sure what my plan is now as there are no more dates until Christmas!!!

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