How it went on the day…

It was 8 hours of pure pain. I had to deal with a lot during this period of my life. There was a train strike so I had to get to the station super early to board an emergency train service. I had to find my hotel from the Diegem train station in the dark by foot and there were no cars or people about as it was getting very late. I had no international data on my phone so could not use GPS. Eventually, I found my hotel and was exhausted. The food in the hotel wasn’t ideal, pizzas or baguettes. My personal network server crashed so I had to rebuild it. Overall, I was nervous but internally confident – I did my training for years, knew my stuff, inside out. I thought I was going to fall, but I carried on like a commando and I got to the summit. Yes, it was worth the hard work. I am happy. Thank you, Cisco.


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