Software Defined WAN

What is SD WAN all about??? Below outlines my journey to find out.

  1. Central control of traffic from end to end, regardless of actual network (MPLS, 4G, DLS)
  2. GUI driven vController
  3. Configure devices from a central server

I’ve started doing the self paced training from Silver Peak. I’ve heard they are quite big in SD-WAN.

In a nutshell, SD-WAN is all about getting different types of traffic over from one place to another with separate priorities. Basically, you use QoS to mark the traffic and it get route differently. Silver Peak have some Edge appliances which are for each site and they act like the end points for the traffic, this is controlled by a central device called Orchestrator. There are a few concepts like Link Bonding, which is basically creating an overlay path using different transport paths. It reduces packet loss using “Path Conditioning”. I’m looking forward to seeing it work.

The SP edge devices can be in-line or out of line. I think in-line and router mode is best as you can then control all the traffic and use all the features.

Modes are:

  • Server (for VMs)
  • Bridge (need a SVI)
  • Router

They can also be used in HA mode for larger sites. But then you have circuits in standby mode which are not being used…. defeats the object as circuits are expensive. So basically resiliency at the cost of efficiency.

Below is a SD WAN set up I did with there training lab. I’ve set up to sites with an Overlay tunnel between 2 sites in California.




Live flows can be seen at the click of a few buttons:sdwanflow.JPG

Application Data can also be seen, and this is without using Boost, which optimises throughput using ‘compression’.


I prefer Cisco vManager, vSmart, vEdge as there is so much information about available, it really is leading the way forward.

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