Medical Science I have always been interested in general science and at all levels….. In particular the study of life.

Modern English It’s important to be able to share viewpoints in a constructive manner. I therefore take an active interest in the use of modern English. In my opinion, the information age will revitalise how English is used….. New words are always being introduced and they are usually used in a manner that brakes traditional rules!!! i’m also toying with the idea of notusing capital letters when emailing as saving time is becoming more of a priority then elegance.

Traveling I did not experience the joy of traveling until I completed my degree and started making a living. Once I received a regular income there was no stopping me. I have visited France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Spain, USA, Thailand, Singapore and Japan ….. I’m hoping I can visit round to Canada and South Africa sometime within the next few years.

Computing, IT, engineering…. call it what you like as it’s one of those professions with an endless learning curve.


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