Oh no. I have been studying all weekend again and I feel sick. The more I study the more I feel I don’t know. I think I can do the config part as I’m getting high scores with the labs but I’m just worried sick about the 4 open ended questions. Even if I know the answer I sometimes express it wrong!. And cisco can ask about anything from RFC numbers to bit paterns in packets!. I feel sick of it to be honest as I feel it doesn’t matter how hard I try I could get blasted. Well I’m going on a boot camp next week, I hope that will motivate me!. The other thing I don’t like is that MPLS is being introduced which means going back to square one. I;ll try 1 attempt then call it a day(3 years).


Still in stealth mode and going for the CCIE…. 10% there…. still got alot of studying to do…..

Got some serious life changing rules now….

1) NO drinking until I give the lab a shot

2) NO TV (apart from main news and a little comedy)…

Apart from that I can still do whatever I like.